• What's the course content?

The course will include 6 modules. Each with a series of easy watching short 2-10 minute videos that can be worked through at your own pace. We're also adding in quizzes so you can test what you've learnt. You'll get access to a business plan template, to complete alongside the videos.

• Who is the course for?

Whilst the course could help anyone. To make the most of the course, we'd recommend it for animators with at least 3-5 years experience working in the industry. Either in a full-time role or as a freelancer. That said, the content will still be useful for building a fuller freelance career, or if you decide to start a studio fresh off the back of studying video/animation production.

• What software or animation style should I have?

There is no particular animation software or animation style required to be able to follow the course. It’s much more about learning the business side of starting and running an animation studio i.e. finding your studio niche, working out the investment, marketing, how much to charge clients, how to balance profit/loss to ensure the business is viable.

So whether you’re focused on 2D motion graphics and business explainers, slick 3D CGI, digital UI animation, matte painting specialists, TV stings, Youtube series, hand-drawn character animation, experimental stop motion, using Maya, C4D, Krita, TV Paint, After effects, Toonboom, Rough Animator.. what ever... it won’t matter.

We will refer to lots of bits of software but only as examples of tools that can help or costs to consider. i.e. the monthly outgoing of the Adobe Creative Suite License.

• How hard will it be for my studio to succeed?

The course content is designed to help with building a long lasting creative business. It is not a get rich quick scheme. Like any new business, success will take lots of work. We want every one to succeed and build studios that enable you (and your staff) to achieve a good work-life balance, superb reputation and earn a good living.

• Is the course suitable for my location, or is it UK centric?

Even though we run a UK studio ourselves, we're designing the course content, so it will help you where ever you are in the world. (*60% of our animation studio clients are in the US). We'll refer to the UK, US and India in the course to help keep it global but concise. *Plus adapt as needed depending on feedback in the future.

• When will the course go live?

The course will be completed and ready for working through in early October 2020. Some of the first modules will be shared mid-September.

• What happens after October 2020?

When the course goes entirely live in October, we'll keep it open for a few weeks then pause enrollment so we can focus on helping those already signed up. Then based on everyone's feedback, we'll add more content to make the course as helpful for you as possible.

• Will there be a community?

We know how much a community of like-minded individuals can boost success. So we'll be creating a private group to allow everyone to chat, question, share wins, opportunities and grow all their startup studios together.

• How awesome is it going to be?

Seriously bloody awesome. Or at least... pretty bloody awesome. It may be a little rough around the edges, but we'll keep updating it as we also get better at teaching and talking to the camera until it's near perfect.

• I've got more questions?

We're yet to set up a contact form here. But if you have any questions or want to say hi. Please visit our animation studios site and contact us at Stormy Studio. Cheers :-)

Or email [email protected]

This course is closed for enrollment.